The new free money management app

Whether you're working down debt, saving for something special or just want to better understand how you spend your money, our app can help.

Your finances, all in one place

See the whole picture. View your balances across current accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and loans, in addition to any evestor investments you have.

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Simple budget, saving & debt management tools

Set budgets on spending, create savings and debt management goals and then track your progress. If you need to work down your credit card debt or save towards a new car, we can help!

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Keep track of your spending

See where and how you spend your money across all your accounts. Our easy-to-use tags allow you to keep track of specific costs - view all your work expenses or see how much you've spent on Christmas.

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Why did we create me&mymoney?

We created me&mymoney to make your everyday finances easier to manage and give you confidence in your financial future.

Around 35% of households in the UK have no savings for emergencies such as a car breaking down or sudden loss of employment*. We appreciate that saving is hard, especially if you're already managing debt.

Our free app can help you to master your money, whether that's working down debt, reducing unnecessary spending or building up rainy day savings for an emergency.

How it all works

Connecting an account to our app will only take a few minutes, then you're ready to start managing your finances all through our app.

We'll take information from your bank, credit card and savings account providers and put it all into one place. Instead of logging into several different apps and websites to keep track of your spending, debts and financial goals you can do it all in the me&mymoney app!


Your personal information

We ask for a few personal details, as well as your online banking log-in information. This only allows us to display information from your banking providers, we can't touch your money.

Storing your data

We don't store your online banking details, they are held securely by our trusted partner. Any personal data we do store is completely safe and never shared with any third parties.

Data encryption

We use 256-bit TLS Encryption in all of our online communications – that's the same level as high-street banks! Encryption 'scrambles' your data, preventing any unauthorised access.

Download me&mymoney for free

Try our app and see how it can help you to feel confident in your finances and reduce money worries in your day-to-day life. The me&mymoney app is absolutely free and available on both iOS and Android for download now.

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